Hiking Adventures in Majorca

Hiking Adventures in Majorca

Every year, my friends and I head out to the beautiful place of Majorca located in Spain. This Mediterranean island is definitely a place I can call home. As the largest island in Spain, it has some mountains, rugged coastlines, and breathtaking cliffs.

As an outdoor enthusiast, my friends and I often go on different types of adventures in this town. Since we love hiking in the mountains, this destination is perfect for us especially since it one of the most popular activities in Majorca.

When to Visit

The best time to explore this island is during the cooler months where it is more quiet and calm. During the summer season, which falls from July to August, the weather is really hot so unless you’re into heat training; I suggest you skip these months. However, it is generally sunny all year round, so you won’t have to worry much about any cancellations due to bad weather.

Where to Go

Cap de Formentor

There are numerous walking and hiking tours that you can join depending on your level of fitness. One of my

Cap de Formentor
The beautiful Cap de Formentor

favorite tours is when my friends and I went on a day trip to Cap de Formentor. The coastline of Cap Formentor has magnificent views of the deep blue waters, spectacular cliffs and a beautiful lighthouse perched on the tip of the island.

The drive to the Cap is already an adventure in itself. You’ll pass by winding and steep roads on the way to the lighthouse. It is better to take the bus especially since the drivers are already accustomed to the route.

You can take a walk to the hidden beach of Calla Figuera which is accessible by hiking. Afterward, you can sit down, relax, and get some refreshments in the lighthouse café and take in the stunning view of the coastline.

Torrent de Pareis

This trail another personal favorite of mine which will require you to be physically fit for this adventure. The duration of this hike takes roughly around four to five hours. It actually took my buddies and me longer because we kept on stopping for photos.

The hike starts off with an easy descent leading to a river with massive and impressive boulders. Climbing over the rock formations was definitely the highlight of our trip. It was fun, exciting, and challenging.

Make sure you are physically prepared before you go on this trip. As fit as I am, I ended up in bed the entire day after this hike.

You can read more about this fantastic place here: http://www.torrentdepareis.info/thehike.htm

Puig de Massanella

Standing at 1364 meters above sea level, the Puig de Massanella is the second tallest peak in the island. However, it

Puig de Massanella
The Road of Puig de Massanella Lures Cyclists

is also the highest point that is accessible to climbers and is lined with impressive limestones which are part of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

There are many entry points for climbers and they can choose their routes starting from Coll de Comafreda, Lluc Monastery or Font d’es Noguer. The best time to climb is from September to May where the climate is cooler.

The usual route takes you to a total of 11 kilometers up and down a five-hour hike. The view from Puig Galileu is quite spectacular. The route starts easy but becomes more challenging as you reach the top.

Be careful when climbing on the cliffs especially since there are a couple of steep slopes which are sometimes slippery. I tripped on one of the gaps and luckily, I ended up with a few scratches and a minor cut. It could’ve been worse.

However, reaching the summit is such an amazing feeling. I highly recommend this to fellow mountaineers. If you are planning on going on an adventure, put Majorca on your list.


Cycling in Majorca

Cycling around the island of Majorca is one of the most enjoyable activities. The island offers cycling styles for all bikers: whether you like road, off-road or city cycling, there will be something for you in Majorca mountains, which can often offer a terrain as diverse as that of other island Mountains like Madeira. Just as how you will enjoy Majorca, you will also find delight venturing the urban heart of Madeira with its beautiful cliffs and tantalizing coastlines.

Cheap Eats in Madeira Island

Madeira Island is a place of beautiful horizons, summer coasts, and overwhelming cliffs. The little archipelago magnets thousands of travel enthusiasts. Tourists savor the off-road and countryside adventures.

The island is also a haven of excellent local cuisines. Raw ingredients are domestically grown that makes the tastes of the Madeiran food explicitly authentic. There are several fine dining restaurants in Madeira Island where you can spend your cash for some good meal. Budget eaters do not have to worry about paying money for food as cheap-eats restaurants are spread in the island where excellent food are served at a small price. Here are some of the best cheap eat restaurants in Madeira Island:

Mercearia Dona Mercia Restaurant

Mercearia Dona Mercia RestaurantMercearia Dona Mercia Restaurant is a perfect cozy place to rest your legs and drink a glass of cold beer or a cup of hot coffee. This little snackette serves light snacks and quick meals. Fresh lemonade is also served by the resto to quench your thirst. Whether you’re up for breakfast, lunch or just a snack, this restaurant will fill your tummy at a price that is very reasonable.

La Vaca Negra Restaurant

Incepted in the middle of the little municipality of Funchal, La Vaca Negra Restaurant serves the best steak in Madeira Island. The restaurant has a buzzing atmosphere, friendly staff, and warm food serving. This restaurant is one great place to spend the day after your tiring trek in the island. The delicious steak is a premium in taste but cheap in price.

Sabor de India

A little piece of India in the Madeira Island, Sabor de India serves excellent Indian cuisine at a cost you can afford. The foods are full of flavor and overwhelming spices. They have excellent service and friendly staffs.

Castelos dos Hamburgers

Quick snacks are served in Castelos dos Hamburgers. They have hamburgers with chunky beef, ground hotdogs, and yummy milkshakes. The restaurant is operating for over 35 years, and the tastes of food remain part of Madeiran history. Food price starts at €1.90 only.

A Capelinha Caffé

Travelers with a small budget but craves for a delicious meal can walk to A Capelinha Caffe. This restaurant serves several mouthwatering snacks. Outside the bistro is the picture-perfect coastline view of Praia Formosa Beach. They serve great coffee, cold beer, t-bone steaks, and more of Madeiran quick snacks.


Several cheap-eat restaurants are listed on TripAdvisor. These eateries are perfect for those who want to feed their tummy with local Madeiran cuisines in can afford prices. Fine dining restaurants in Madeira Island are also excellent places to spend some cash for beyond wonderful foods.

10 Things To Do in Madeira That You Should Not Miss

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago visited by thousands of travel enthusiasts because of its unique geographical landscapes. The island is wet in the Northwest and dry in the southeast coast. Planning a trip to Madeira? We’ll give you a head start by unveiling the best things to do in Madeira.

Hit The Road

Explore the amazing geographical locale of Madeira by having an off-road tour that will make you not forget Madeira in your entire life. Not only you’ll step foot on the scenic grounds of Madeira, you’ll also get acquainted with the archaic culture and native foods the Madeira populace are proud of.

Reach The Peak

peakmadeiraEngage yourself with a dusty adventure you would never regret of doing. Reach the highest peak of Pico do Arieiro. As you wander the wonderful uphill, you’ll see breathtaking views worth snapping on your camera.

Jack and Rose

Open your arms wide and feel the open air caressing your face. Be like Jack and Rose, but not on the ship edge but on the jaw dropping cliffs of Cabo Girao. This geologic formation is worth venturing for. You’ll get a picture-perfect view of the city and the coast.

Aerial Amusement

Beat your fear of heights and get your self relaxed with Madeira’s bright city lights by riding the Monte cable car. Be the tourist who tries it all. This activity is not to be missed. You’ll be able to see the fabulous aerial image of Madeira.

Advance Wanderlust

Release that wanderlust out of your system and be on a wild adventure at the eastern end of Madeira where desert and ocean collides. Hike your feet on the cliff of Ponta de Sao Lourenco – a perfect place for capturing nature and wildlife.

Green, Fresh, Clean

Take a deep breath and relax yourself, you deserve it well after the superb hiking and road hitting. Get involved with nature in Monte Palace Tropical Garden where diversified shrugs, trees, and plants unite to give satisfying refreshment. A nice leisure can be spent in the garden that will also get you informed with historic sites and landmarks.

Coastal Pleasure

madeira-coastlineWear your bikinis at the golden sands of Praia do Porto Santo. This 9km. beach is a place never should be missed. The beautify golden sand is enormously lushly along with the orange sunset you’ll love.

The Only Explanation You Can Find

Yes… You can be on the top of the world. Make it to the top by taking an adventurous hike at the Pico Ruivo where you can have a perfect day 360degree view down on the creation of Madeira.


I’m not talking about the usual portable radio you knew. You can have a nice and easy walk and talk in Levada Caldeirao Verde where you’ll get delighted with the evergreen and ever loving nature. A surprising prize awaits on the end of the course – the white splashes of water from a huge waterfall.

Getting Deeper Insight

It is coherently just to get a deep insight of the historic saga of Madeira. Get informed to Madeira’s preserved chronicles with Madeira Film Experience.

These are just few of the hundred things you can do in Madeira Island. The place is perfect to get away from the noise and stress of the urban city. It is the best place to get involved in nature. When you get there, please do not forget to bring your cam. Madeira is truly worth bragging to the world.

Tourism- More Than Just A Visit To The Cultural Monuments

Tourism is more than just visiting the significant monuments like Stonehenge and Eiffel Tower. There are many forms (or types) of travel, and the number of the same is increasing with new inventions and new ways to attract foreign and domestic tourists.

When a country, or a small number of countries, have something unique and not found in every corner of the world then it might attract the tourists. Any idea, place or anything else that attracts people on a yearly basis is a touristic attraction.
The most known and one of the more widespread forms of the tourism is the leisure travel. Leisure tourism focuses on the change of the climate and place, and people embark on the voyage to experience new things in new places and to learn new things about foreign cultures. Two types of leisure tourists exist:

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– The first group seeks peace and rest, and they travel to quiet and relaxing places to forget about everyday worries and struggles. Island, beach, and hill resorts are the places these people choose over the densely populated cities with overcrowded beaches.[/themify_box]
– The second type of the leisure tourists finds refreshment in various adventure sports. Skiing, diving or anything else that will spike the adrenaline levels, but still be different from everyday activities is what these people seek.
Cultural tourism more than often takes the first place as an income generator for a country, if we are talking about tourism only. Cultural tourism has many subtypes, but all of them focus on the culture and the history of a nation.

To be more precise, the heritage of the people who live, or those who lived in a certain location is the backbone of the cultural tourism. Tourists visit different countries to see the architecture of the people that used to live there (Roman Colosseum) as well as design built by current inhabitants of the country (Eiffel Tower). Customs, tradition, culinary delights, music and the way of life are all types of this tourism.
Religious (spiritual) tourism is a form of tourism where people go on pilgrimage to visit holy places. Hajj is the best example of this. Three of the most known holy cities in the world are Varanasi, Jerusalem, and Mecca.
The health tourism exists since ancient times, and it continually evolves. Medical treatment and care are the primary goals of the people that travel to faraway countries for the health reasons. This form of tourism is very popular, especially with developing countries whose low cost attracts many people around the world. The most visited places around the world focus on the alternative therapies like Naturopathy, hot Sulphur springs, and ayurvedic treatments.

Sports tourism has two primary forms. The first type involves significant sporting events that attract people that cheer for their representatives. The second type includes adventurous and sometimes dangerous sport activates.

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These activities may come in the shape of mountain climbing, rafting and so on. More than often they happen to be in places that are hard to access.[/themify_box]