Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants in Madeira Island

If you’re planning to have a vacay on Madeira Island, then I’m pretty sure part of your plan is to experience the off-road tours and eat fascinating Madeiran foods. Madeira Island is not just a place of beautiful scenery, wanderlust, and adventure, it is also a place of mouthwatering food and overwhelming local dishes.

Planning to have a scrumptious meal on the island? If your budget’s not too tight, the doors of fine restaurants are open for you. Use their silver spoons and fork and make a noise out of your plate. Here’re the top 3 best fine dining restaurants in Madeira:

armazem-do-sal-restaurantArmazem do Zal Restaurant

Located in the urban downtown of Funchal in Madeira, Armazem do Zal is one of the most visited restaurants on the Island, as reviewed by TripAdvisor. Their delicious cuisines resemble the beautiful island. Every bite feels like getting deeply intimate with the Madeiran archipelago. They have the meals that will make you forget about your strict diets such as Marinated Mackerel Sashimi, Tuna Steak in Herb Crust, and Foie Gras Terrine. Open from Monday to Saturday, the restaurant gracefully welcomes all travelers.

Cris’s Restaurant

All fine dining restaurants promise excellent food, but Cris’s Restaurant do it a little bit with extra. They serve ultimately delicious Madeiran meals with relaxing live jazz music playing in your background. The place is great as well. Inside the restaurant is a panoramic image of the island in black and white, bringing you nostalgias of the island. If you find yourself having a little bit sunshine on your pocket, Cris’s Restaurant is ready to fill your hungry tummy.

Med Restaurant

Excellent food, cozy dining area, accommodating staff, and reasonable price are the things that makes a fine dining restaurant highly recommendable and Med Restaurant is one of those. Cuisines are delightful as if the heavens of med-restaurantMadeira have made it. The plating is well decorated and the place is cozy and very atmospheric. The ingredients used in every meal is 100% from the locale of Madeira. If you want your last dinner in Madeira to be unforgettable, this restaurant is the place for you.


There are more fine dining restaurants in Madeira. If you have something to get extravagant with, then it should be for delicious cuisines. If you’re a budget traveler, you can still eat delicious Madeiran local cuisines in cheap-eats.